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From the Financial Administrator - 2018 Year End Review

2018 represented a year with numerous challenges that included 2 pastoral appointment changes along with parsonage preparation, a major video equipment upgrade, and a major pension correction. Some of these challenges are following us into 2019.


Worship Attendance has increased since the pastoral change by an average of +45 per week compared with the same 6 months in 2017. (Attendance numbers are only the 3 Sunday Morning services)

Year Month Avg/Week
2017 January - June 676
2017 July - December 629
2018 January - June 617
2018 July - December 674


General Fund Contributions at first look appear as if church giving is down. This was true
in the General Fund, the fund from where ministry, program, salaries, and utilities are paid.
Our leaders were faithful in keeping expenses within the budget, but the contributions fell
short of expectations in the General Fund. Why?

General Fund 2018 Actual 2018 Budget 2017 Actual
Receipts $1,603,289 $1,646,222 $1,683,694
Expenses $1,644,629 $1,646,222 $1,689,944
Deficit -$41,340   -$6,250

Total Giving was up by $13,710! The explanation to the General Fund shortfall is primarily due to the shifting of contributions away to the Video Project. This shift also explains why gifts to the Mission Fund were down by $54,947. Thank you for your faithful giving to your church! Please keep in mind
that we need to strongly support our General Fund to operate.


Checking Account Balance

12/31/17 $439,236
12/31/18 $197,834


Church Mortgage Loan Balance

12/31/17 $1,292,291
12/31/18 $1,241,098


2018 Contributions by Designation

  2018 Actual 2017 Actual Difference
General Fund $1,603,289 $1,683,694 -$80,405
Video Project $142,782 $8,857 +$133,925
Mission Fund $119,873 $174,820 -$54,947
Debt Reduction $32,959 $35,809 -$2,850
Other Restricted $93,287 $75,300 +$17,987
Totals $1,992,190 $1,978,480 -$13,710


So, please conclude that we are healthy financially and growing in number. Our checking account balance is down quite a bit and we have much less in reserves as we close the books on 2018. And know that we are making steady progress paying down our mortgage. If you have questions about our finances, always feel free to speak with our Financial Administrator, Dan Harry, to get answers.

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