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From the Desk of Pastor Swickard

In June, my wife Gina, our daughter, Elayna and I had a brief getaway to Nashville, Tn. While we were
there, we had tickets to go on the General Jackson Showboat to take in a lunch cruise. We took the
paddlewheel up the Cumberland river while having a delightful lunch and listening to some great music from Nashville.

After the meal, while we were headed back to our starting point, we noticed a number of kayakers paddling along the river. As I watched them paddle, I couldn’t help but think that paddling downstream would be a whole lot easier than paddling upstream in the river. However, to end up where they wanted to go, they clearly needed to paddle upstream.

There is a “cultural current” that, when we are swept up in it, will dictate the way we live our lives. Retaliation, holding a grudge, worrying hard, getting ahead, “never letting them see you sweat”… are just a few reflections of the “current” of our culture.

When Jesus called his disciples, he was in essence telling them that to follow him, would very much be like paddling upstream. In fact, for us to end up where we want to end up with Jesus - he invites us to paddle against the current of our culture.

So for the month of August, we will be in a new series called, “Paddling Upstream.”

Over the course of the month, we will be looking at going against the cultural current in five areas: Worry; an Unforgiving Heart; Judgmental-ness, Anger and Self-Doubt. How do we go against the current in these areas of life? I hope you’ll join us this month as we paddle together.

Life Jacket Ready!

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