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    Have you ever had to have something calibrated? We are surrounded by instruments that occasionally need it. From thermometers to a computer mouse–from scales, (I like to calibrate my scales about 5 lbs light!), to compasses, some things need to be calibrated. To calibrate means to measure an instrument's accuracy or performance by comparing it against a perfect standard.
    One that I think of is the compass. There is a difference of about 1000 miles between true North and magnetic North. Learning to calibrate a compass can mean the difference between ending up at the right place or ending up miles away! With that in mind, have you ever considered what it would be like to have your life calibrated? Is that even possible? Actually, James, (the brother of Jesus), would say a hearty, “Yes!”
    The book of James is a great book of practical living for the Christian. The book of James has always been for me the book that shows where “the rubber meets the road” in terms of living out the Christian life. For me, there is something about the straight forward, practical approach that James takes that is so winsome, (and challenging!)
    So in the Month of May, we will be working through the book of James. We’ll see how James helps us calibrate our lives to the “True North” of Jesus.
    James originally wrote his book to scattered believers. Hopefully, we won’t remained “scattered” through the month of May – but even if we can’t be together in the sanctuary and even if it looks a little different when we come back together, I am looking forward to working through the book of James with you.
    So in preparation for the series, take 15-20 minutes and read through the entire book of James. (Yes, you can). Ask God to show you the parts of the book that he’s leading you to lean into. Ask God to show you the areas of your own life that need calibration. Then, ask God to give you grace to be calibrated in such a way that it brings him Glory!
Looking forward to recalibrating my life on the True North of Jesus in the month of May with you!

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