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From the Pastor's Pen

Do you know anyone who is perfect? There may be people in your life who may be perfectionistic, having that quality which pursues perfection, but do you know any human being who is perfect? Of course not.


You would think that we would be able to accept this, but for many, it’s ahard reality to embrace. We read in Matthew 5:48, “Be perfect, therefore, as your Heavenly Father is perfect.” We realize this is a call on our lives. But then right after reading it, we experience the sobering, ice water on the face clarity of our imperfections.


So the question is, what next? Will you disqualify yourself from something because you know you are imperfect? Will you steer clear of opportunities because of a fear of failure? I wonder how many things we miss out on with God because we fail to pursue something due to feeling imperfect.


So here’s the theological question… Can God use imperfect people? While we may quickly say a heartfelt “Yes!”, the reality is that we can still disqualify ourselves from our own feelings of imperfection.


The good news is that God not only can, but has historically used people who are imperfect. Since the fall of Creation, that’s the only clay God has to work with. But oh how God can use imperfect clay!


I hope you will join us in January as we take a look at some of the many Imperfect People God has used throughout history. You may just find that God can use even you!




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