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 Date: Sun, Feb 11, 2018       Teacher: James Slone      
Phillippians 2:5-11 is such a beautiful and powerful poem about the nature, disposition, obedience, and glory of Jesus Christ that we often fail to pay attention to the verses that are around it, which make and apply the point of the passage. That glorious hymn illustrates the kind of mindset we are to have as followers of Jesus Christ.
 Date: Sun, Feb 04, 2018       Teacher: James Slone      
 Passage: Exodus 10:16-20
You might be surprised at who asks for prayer, that God often answers those prayers, and how it changes those who ask.
 Date: Wed, Jan 31, 2018       Teacher: Guest Speaker: Rev. Dr. Terry Teykl       Series: Revival
 Passage: Acts 19:1-17
Evil is real and he comes to steal, kill, and destroy; and he would like no better than to mess up this church and what we think is lack of education or what we think is maybe some addiction can really just be demonic oppression and we pray in the name of Jesus. The power that's in the name of Jesus. Our help is in the power that's in His name.
 Date: Tue, Jan 30, 2018       Teacher: Guest Speaker: Rev. Dr. Terry Teykl       Series: Revival
Praying for those who are not in "here."
 Date: Mon, Jan 29, 2018       Teacher: Guest Speaker: Rev. Dr. Terry Teykl       Series: Revival
 Passage: Luke 19:10
When you pray, you get God's heart for things in life and the burden he feels for lost people.
 Date: Sun, Jan 28, 2018       Teacher: Guest Speaker: Rev. Dr. Terry Teykl       Series: Revival
 Passage: Luke 18:1-8 & James 5:16
Your church needs a bigger prayer base to engage the future. Change is a must if we are faithful to the gospel.
 Date: Sun, Jan 28, 2018       Teacher: Guest Speaker: Rev. Dr. Terry Teykl      
 Passage: Exodus 33
 Date: Sun, Jan 21, 2018       Teacher: James Slone      
 Passage: James 5:16-18
After Elijah was taken up into heaven in a whirlwind, Elisha picked up the prophet's cloak that had fallen back to earth, he went to the bank of the Jordan, struck the water with the cloak, and asked, "Where now is the Lord, the God of Elijah?" (2 Kings 2:14). Working off that questions,, Leonard Ravenhill mused, "...we answer, 'Where He has always been-on the throne!' But where are the Elijahs of God? We know Elijah was 'a man of like passions as we are,' but alas! we are not men of like prayers as he was." (Why Revival Tarries 23)
 Date: Sun, Jan 14, 2018       Teacher: James Slone      
 Passage: Jeremiah 17:14
A pithy and positive verse in the middle of one of Jeremiah's jeremiads connects healing, salvation, and praise. That connection can be seen throughout Scripture. It's especially prominent in the ministries of Jesus and the early Church. Miraculous healings were signs reminding us that healing encompasses much more that just metaphors.
 Date: Sun, Jan 07, 2018       Teacher: James Slone      
 Passage: Romans 15:17-19
In Romans 15:17-19, Paul spells out the reason, and moreover the power, behind his effectiveness as a preacher of the gospel.

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