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 Date: Sun, Apr 30, 2017       Teacher: James Slone      
 Passage: Acts 1:4
Have you noticed how often the Gospels, especially the Gospel of Luke, tell us about Jesus being at a meal? Someone quipped, "In Luke's Gospel, Jesus is either going to a meal, at a meal, or coming from a meal." When he is not at a meal, he is often talking about food. Luke describes Jesus' ministry as: "The Song of Man came [and this might surprise you] eating and drinking..." (Luke 7:34). It doesn't change after his resurrection; he still shows up at meals, evidently quite often. Acts 1:4, remember Luke wrote Acts too, says, "On one occasion, while he was eating with them..."
 Date: Sun, Apr 23, 2017       Teacher: James Slone      
 Passage: Luke 24:38
Jesus asked a lot of questions. Read through the Gospels; listen to him ask those questions. He asked a lot of questions after his resurrection, at least a dozen. You might think that the people whom he encountered would be asked the questions, but no, Jesus is asking the questions, including "Do you have anything to eat?" and "Have you caught any fish?" Pete Greig, in his book "God on Mute", points out a few particularly poignant questions that Jesus asked after he was resurrected.
 Date: Sun, Apr 16, 2017       Teacher: James Slone      
 Passage: John 20:29
Have you ever thought that if you had seen the Lord Jesus Christ after his resurrection, like his disciples did, you would have a much easier time believing in him? In other words, seeing is believing. Thomas said something like that (John 20:24-25). But that's not obviously true. One of the mysteries about Jesus' resurrection appearances is how often those who had followed him and knew him well saw him but failed to recognize him after his resurrection. I do not know all the reasons for that, but part of the problem was undoubtedly the focus of the beholders.
 Date: Sun, Apr 09, 2017       Teacher: James Slone      
 Passage: Luke 23:56
From dusk on Good Friday to dawn on Easter Sunday, the world spun suspended in chaos and despair. without answers. On that silent Saturday, "God's very self lay dead in a grave" (Martin Luther). Jesus Christ, the Son of God, had been crucified and lay dead in a tomb outside Jerusalem, the hopes of his followers crushed by the unrepentant, unrelenting powers of this world. The Bible tells us almost nothing about that day, the day God went missing.
 Date: Sun, Apr 02, 2017       Teacher: Jon Carrell      
 Passage: John 11:1-6
The facts of the story: Lazarus was sick. (v. 1) Mary and Martha, Lazarus's sisters, sent a message to Jesus that "the one you love is sick." (v. 3) They wanted Jesus to know he was sick. They knew Jesus loved him Jesus gets the message from them. (v. 4) Jesus states that this sickness: (v. 4) Will not end in death Is for God's glory Will be used to bring glory to Jesus John states that Jesus loves not only Lazarus but also Martha and Mary (v. 5)
 Date: Sun, Mar 26, 2017       Teacher: James Slone      
 Passage: Mark 15:33-34
Do you ever feel like screaming at God? Jesus did. The one described as never raising his voice in the street screamed on the cross, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" (Mark 15 :34; Matthew 27:46).
 Date: Sun, Mar 19, 2017       Teacher: James Slone       Series: Prayers that Aren't Answered the Way We Ask
 Passage: Mark 14:32-36
Jesus prayed a prayer that was not answered in the way that he asked, at least not his first request. It was in a garden, Gethsemane, on the night before he was beaten and then crucified.
 Date: Sun, Mar 12, 2017       Teacher: James Slone       Series: Prayers that Aren't Answered the Way We Ask
Paul had a problem. It appeared to hinder his ministry; at least it made ministry difficult. He called it "a thorn in the flesh."
 Date: Sun, Mar 05, 2017       Teacher: James Slone       Series: Prayers that Aren't Answered the Way We Ask
 Passage: 2 Samuel 12:16-23
Our responses to disappointments, including and especially to unanswered prayers, reveals a great deal about our faith in God. David faced such crisis in his relationship with the Lord.
 Date: Sun, Feb 26, 2017       Teacher: Jon Carrell      
 Passage: Mark 1:14-20

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