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 Date: Sun, Nov 20, 2016       Teacher: James Slone      
 Passage: Colossians 3:15
Every chapter of the book of Colossians reminds us that the very heart of Christianity beats with thanksgiving (1:3, 12; 2:7; 3:15-17; 4:2). And, God intents for a grateful attitude to live in the very heart, the essence, of every one of us believers.
 Date: Sun, Nov 13, 2016       Teacher: Bishop Frank Beard      
 Date: Sun, Nov 06, 2016       Teacher: James Slone      
In Paul's last letter, written to the young preacher Timothy, he reminds us that God has given us a great deposit of truth which we must hold onto and pass onto others. That great truth is not only deposited within those who believe in Jesus Christ but it is preserved in Holy Scriptures, the revelation and rule of Christian faith. It is a precious and powerful gift; without it we would not have Christianity and we would be lost.
 Date: Sun, Oct 30, 2016       Teacher: James Slone      
 Passage: 2 Timothy 1:13
In Paul's last letter, his second letter to the young preacher Timothy, he warned that the last days would be dangerous days (2 Timothy 3:1); people will turn away from the truth, resist it, deny it, discredit it, distort it (2 Timothy 4:3-4). Paul says these terrible times are the very days that we must hold fast to that precious deposit of truth that God has given us.
 Date: Sun, Oct 23, 2016       Teacher: James Slone      
 Passage: John 8:48 & Luke 10:29
Many insulting and false accusations were made against Jesus. But one was particularly odd, not like the rest, some Jewish leaders said, "You are a Samaritan...." (John 8:48)
 Date: Sun, Oct 16, 2016       Teacher: James Slone      
 Passage: Matthew 23:37
Metaphors and similes make up much of the language that we use to try to explain divinity. We compare Jesus to many animate and inanimate objects, including animals, in order to help us understand his nature and ministry. But when we do that, we must be careful that we make comparisons that actually fit with what Jesus himself would say. Some of his comparisons might surprise you, such as a burglar, a Samaritan, and a chicken.
 Date: Sun, Oct 09, 2016       Teacher: James Slone      
 Passage: Ephesians 5:1
WWJD. Do you know what those letters mean? They're not the call letters of a local radio station. You have seen them on bracelets, t-shirts, ball caps, coffee mugs, bumper stickers. They stand for "What would Jesus do?", a variation on the ancient theme of imitatio dei, imitation of God.
 Date: Sun, Oct 02, 2016       Teacher: James Slone      
 Passage: 2 Samuel 9:1
Do you know about Mephibosheth? You might call him a minor character in early years of King David's dynasty in Israel, but the godly concepts in his story certainly aren't minor ones.His story is filled with covenant keeping and kindness, two basic characteristics of God and his people. It begins with David seeking to show the kindness of God and his people. It begins with David seeking to show the kindness of God to someone from the family of Saul, the king whom he had replaced
 Date: Sun, Sep 25, 2016       Teacher: Guest Speaker      
 Date: Sun, Sep 18, 2016       Teacher: Jon Carrell      
 Passage: 1 Samuel 3:1
The Word of the Lord is seemingly becoming rarer and rarer all the time. (Amos 8:11-12; Matthew 24:12)

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